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Life, the Great Game — a heads-up for beginners

 The world is strange, dangerous, complicated, full of strife, full of beauty and wondrous; and the opportunity and experience of life stretches beyond the everyday, beyond physical boundaries within which so many feel trapped as they struggle to survive. It takes time to get a handle on life. Unfortunately, far too much time can be spent simply discovering that which you are instinctively searching for but cannot find — that which fulfills one’s need for balance and contentment — for having to deal with the circus going on around you; a world bereft of reason.

Within are pieces of the puzzle of human existence, truths, oddities, food for thought, ideas and ways of viewing life which may not have occurred because life has been spent on less productive pursuits. There is some added anecdotal material; an unavoidable inclusion if I were going to get serious about providing something of a heads-up for the uninitiated. But if you think it’s fantasy, think again. Bon Voyage!


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McKinney’s Growth

A reclusive, directionless man approaching middle age begins to assess his life and is unhappy with what he sees. While convalescing from injuries received during a bungled mugging, he determines that he must make his life count for something before it is too late. With a newfound sense of purpose his mental faculties seem to sharpen acutely as he throws himself into a cause to free humankind from its slavish existence and to turn from the path of greed and ecological destruction. The answer? Elimination of man’s addiction to monetary wealth.


Variations On A Theme

Six short stories and one novella comprising a second volume of short stories following A Montage of A Mauve Reality. Ranging from the fearful, the melancholic, the surreal and the bizarre, Unsound Minds and the novella Beyond the Rim suddenly broaden the scope of the experience. Meet a man who discovers his whole life is based on a deception, and a hard bitten corporate snoop sent to an outpost near the distant Kuiper asteroid belt, who steps into a far stickier problem than he ever imagined.


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T H O M A S J A M E S T A Y L O R , born Dec 1st, 1954. First published in the mid 1980’s and writes on subject matter ranging through real life, the bizarre and unusual, crime/romance, philosophy and more recently a first foray into sci-fi. The winner of the Pacific Book Award Star of Exceptional Merit with For Your Pleasure & Questionable Behaviour, Taylor consistently earns high praise from book reviewers while continuing to surprise, interest and fascinate with unusual material in the novel, novella and the short story format.

“Taylor’s work is amazingly diverse” _ US Review of Books.